Rewiding in time there was a server with the biggest player base of all time regarding l2.
Now for your entertainment and to give all its glory again L2eXtreme is back!
Recreating the famous L2 server that was owned by Shmee, server is completely new and uses the Interlude client and features all of the things that you can remember from the old L2eXtreme:


# Exp [35x]
# Sp [35x]
# Adena [70x]
# Drop [5x]
# Spoil [5x]

Custom Features

Elven Fortress, Solo Area

Elven Ruins, Medium Area

Giants Cave, Hard Area

Farmable Hero [L2X]

Hero Skills [L2X]

Dusk/Dawn weapons and Titanium armors [L2X]

Feel Free to join us today at on the biggest server reborn of all time.

L2eXtreme Rewiding the history!