Music games are very popular these days, as a lot of console owners, be it Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii, already have a copy of Guitar Hero or Rock Band in their collection. The possibility to play your favorite tracks alongside your family or friends has made them very attractive and a very profitable source of income for the firms involved.

Now, it seems that Activision, the company behind the hugely successful Guitar Hero franchise, will expand the latest iteration, GH: World Tour, onto the PC and Mac platforms, as more money can definitely be made off the back of people who don't have any consoles.

The port will be handled by its Aspyr studio, which has also been responsible for bringing Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to the aforementioned platforms. The game will essentially be a copy of the version made for the consoles, including all of the standard tracks on the game disk and the track creator that can be used by people to make their own songs in order to play them in the title.

Sadly, the release won't feature the Guitar Hero Marketplace, which is used by players on the console version to share their custom tracks with friends or the family. Another online feature, the very popular DLC (Downloadable Content) delivery system, is in the air at the moment, as Aspyr can't confirm nor deny whether it will make it to this future variant.

Guitar Hero: World Tour will arrive for the PC and Mac in June, and will ship with a single guitar controller. For individuals who want to experience the full band play, the game will be compatible with peripherals made for the PlayStation 3 version of it, so you can easily buy separate controllers for the title.

All in all, it seems that Activision will surely make a hefty profit with these two new variants of Guitar Hero, thus rendering the franchise even more lucrative.