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Thread: 3D gaming: The future or a fad?

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    Default 3D gaming: The future or a fad?

    3D gaming: The future or a fad?

    Sony continues to back 3D, Microsoft isn’t banking on it

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    It has to be the future, until 4d arrives

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    Quote Originally Posted by extremist View Post
    It has to be the future, until 4d arrives

    Step beyond 3D is full VR or a Matix like experience.
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    Microsoft is one of the companies doing research into glasses free 3D research.
    It's going to take a few years before that is ready though, and I think holograms are making strides to viability as well.

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    Yawn. I've had my say on this and I stand by it. It's not something that's ready for mass consumers yet. There are too many snags and the price is still way too high. I prefer a large, FULL HD, proper quality, 2D image over a 3D image any day of the week.
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    3D will eventually take over, prices are the main concern especially the glasses. 2D is still doing a great job.

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    3D is still many years away from being adopted into home use. Too expensive and too fraken annoying having to wear those damn glasses the whole time. Or they get lost, or eaten by the dog or sat on ow whatever.

    Agree with my boy Neo, good full HD is tops thanks!

    3D in the cinema is a different matter. That's fun and a novelty and I will pay a bit extra to go see some movies in 3D at the big screen, but not at home tx.

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    I don't like 3D mainly because I get headaches after a while, and apparently you can't watch 3D for more than 2hours at a time due to safety so just that makes me not want it for gaming.
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