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Thread: Issues with Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

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    Angry Issues with Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

    hey hey,

    is anyone else having issues with Issues with Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2?

    at certain parts in the game, my screen goes blank (i think it must be a in-game cutscene), but i still have sound and after a few seconds it then comes back and i carry on with the game.

    Also, (something that HAS stopped me from carrying on with the game) after i finish the first level (after you destroy the 2 AT-T's and jump into the Tie-Bomber) the screen goes blank which obviously means it's going into a cinematic, but after a few minutes it's still balnk, i press ESC and it says do i want to Skip or continue?!?!?!?! but it won't let me skip!!!!!!!! WTF

    so basically, i can't get any further!

    anyone else having this issue??

    i'm using a 9800 GT (i know it's not the newest card, but it runs everything else perfectly and i have the latest drivers)

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    Sounds like a bug or clitch to me.

    Have you checked the STFUII forums to see if someone else isn't have the same issue?

    Glad i skipped this untill there was at least a few updates for it.
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    Your not the only one with that problem.

    I have a Radeon and the same thing happens at that place with the Tie Bomber on the first level, it is a big pre-rendered cinematic.

    I have tested it on Xp and Windows 7 operating systems

    The blank screens in between are also smaller pre-rendered cinematics, my friend who also has a Nvidia card can't see them, and I can see them.

    It could also be a question of raw processing power as well I have a quad core and he has a dual core

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    yeah, i have checked the Forums and this does seem to be a known issue

    hopefully a patch gets sent soon cause this is BS!

    @ Risker, i doubt it is a raw processing power issue, more like a GFX card problem, maybe it's time i bought a new card :S

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