Corsair gets into the case space

Corsair is the brand choice of many PC enthusiasts the world over, most notably known for their high quality performance RAM modules as well as high-end power supplies and other enthusiast items.

The company has now officially entered the domain of PC cases. They will compete with fellow enthusiast hardware specialists such as Zalman and Thermalright amongst others.

Their first case was shown off at CeBIT, which is the world’s largest technology expo and is currently being held in Hanover in  Germany.

TomsHardware describes the case in detail, explain how the PSU is housed at the bottom of the case in the rear, inside a separate compartment to the rest of the PC’s innards.

The case includes triple 120mm fan ports that run along the top panel of the case. It also comes with water cooling cut outs in the rear of the casing, along with other enthusiast friendly features.

The case is very new, with no information detailing availability or pricing; it still does not even have a name.

However, based on what we have become accustomed to with other Corsair products, the case will most likely come with a hefty price tag and be of an exceedingly high build quality.

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Corsair gets into the case space