Telkom launches new uncapped ADSL and fibre packages

Telkom big deal

Telkom has unveiled new uncapped data packages called “HOMEunlimited”, which will replace its current Do Uncapped offerings.

Packages will be available in 4Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 40Mbps, and 100Mbps options, include line rental, on-network phone calls, and mobile data.

Existing Telkom uncapped clients, whether on Do bundles or otherwise, will be automatically migrated to the new HOMEunlimited service.

Subscribers on 2Mbps uncapped will be upgraded to 4Mbps, and 4Mbps clients will be migrated to 10Mbps.

The packages come with free calls to any number on Telkom’s fixed line and mobile networks, and are governed by a fair usage policy.

Data downloaded between midnight and 07:00 every day does not count towards the fair usage policy.

The table below summarises Telkom’s new HOMEunlimited packages.

Telkom HOMEunlimited
Speed Price FUP Mobile data
4Mbps R599 360GB 1GB
10Mbps R799 900GB 3GB
20Mbps R999 1,800GB 3GB
40Mbps R1,299 3,600GB 3GB
100Mbps R1,699 6,000GB 3GB

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  • Zain

    At Present… Telkom is unable to give me 2 MB on a 2MB Line, The Call is open with them for more then a month now – how do they plan on giving anyone something higher then that when they can’t even guarantee MINIMUM speed on their lowest option?

  • Paulo

    Good luck with that… Telkom’s customer service is pathetic.

  • Paulo

    We’re currently in the UK (visiting family).
    My wife’s aunt has 100Mbps Fibre connection with WiFi Fibre Router, Uncapped, Ulimited (no FUP), and she gets a home phone and Cable TV with over 100 channels with DVR/PVR (Play/Pause/Record/etc) all, as a bundle from Virgin Media for: £32/month (±R550).
    We are getting SO RIPPED OFF in South Africa…!!!

  • Zain

    Please stop with the explanations of what ANYONE is getting or paying for in a developed country. They have had a proper working Telecoms infrastructure for more then 100 Years… We only got half decent non operator Assisted landlines 40 odd years ago!!!

  • Mr MO

    I have been waiting for over a month to have my line installed. The Centurion Mall Management (Gladys) don’t even have the decency to respond to my mail and Clint just refused to answer my calls. Get the service right I we might be willing to pay the price

Telkom launches new uncapped ADSL and fibre packages

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