Highest broadband speeds in South Africa


The highest recorded speed on the MyBroadband Speed Test server in August 2017 was from a Vox user who clocked 1.39Gbps.

244,268 speed tests were conducted on the MyBroadband Speed Test platform during the month.

MyBroadband’s HTML5 speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres to ensure a neutral testing environment.

Through NAPAfrica, all network operators present at its peering points are provided with a free connection to the MyBroadband Speed Test platform.

The MyBroadband Speed Test platform was designed to be lightweight and easy to use on mobile devices.

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Highest speeds

The table below provides an overview of the highest speeds recorded over the last month.

Top MyBroadband Speed Test Results
Service Provider Download (kbps) Upload (kbps)
Vox 1,385,396 1,298,631
InfoGro 998,998 996,490
Axxess 998,979 996,772
Afrihost 998,972 994,293
Mitsol 998,945 995,449
Vanilla 942,826 880,541
Cybersmart 942,674 703,250
Vodacom 941,841 675,688
University of Stellenbosch 939,528 918,340
Converged Telecoms 938,945 938,929
University of the Witwatersrand 934,124 916,885
Audatex 930,443 832,310
Reflex Solutions 917,216 88,966
Dimension Data Optinet 909,363 772,897
TENET 894,830 682,288
Outsideheaven 881,123 628,159
SAPPI 844,282 305,626
Cool Ideas 786,770 103,658

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Highest broadband speeds in South Africa

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