Fibre and ADSL prices in South Africa will fall

Data prices in South Africa are coming down, and will drop further in the next three years.

This is according to Pushkar Gokhale, Openserve’s chief strategy officer, who was speaking at the 2017 MyBroadband Conference.

Gokhale said that although he could not commit to specific figures, current trends show data prics are coming down globally – and South Africa will be no exception.

However, demand has to drive prices down, he said.

In other words, the higher South Africa’s broadband penetration and the more people use broadband services, the cheaper it can become.

Openserve, the wholesale and networks division of Telkom, has reduced its wholesale fibre and ADSL prices this year.

It reduced IP Connect prices, which kicked in on 1 August, and said the adjustment will effectively result in a 25% reduction for Internet service providers.

The company also implemented speed increases across its fibre portfolio – upgrading 2Mbps lines to 4Mbps, and 8Mbps to 10Mbps.

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Fibre and ADSL prices in South Africa will fall

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