Telkom cuts prices of selected capped and uncapped bundles: doubles capped data

Telkom cuts prices of selected capped and uncapped bundles

All Telkom customers are set to receive double their Telkom Internet data allocation for free from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016, the company announced.

“The demand for data is infinite and our efforts are geared to offering our customers as much value as we possibly can to satisfy this demand,” said managing director of Telkom Mobile and Consumer Attila Vitai.

“Not only are we increasing data values but we have also reviewed and reduced the prices on our top data products.”

“For example, we have reduced the price of our 500GB product from R2,495 to R1,599 – now with our double data promotion customers will receive 1TB of data for R1,599.”

Telkom’s data TopUp rates have also been reduced and the double data promotion also applies to TopUp options.

Telkom also announced the return of its TI Entertainment add-on for R99 per month, which offers uncapped data to selected content sites including Apple TV, iTunes, and DSTV online services such as BoxOffice and CatchUp.

Telkom Internet product and rate changes

Telkom Internet Home SoftCap Stand-alone
Product Description Current Price Double Data Promotion New Price
10GB R99 20GB R99
20GB R149 40GB R149
50GB R269 100GB R269
100GB R525 200GB R525
200GB R995 400GB R699
300GB R1,495 600GB R999
500GB R2,495 1TB R1,599

The double data promotion is on from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016.

Telkom Internet TopUp, Out of Bundle, TopUp Saver
Product Description Current Price Double Data Promotion
Out of Bundle 1.2c/MB
TopUp 2GB R24 4GB
TopUp 4GB R48 8GB
TopUp 6GB R72 12GB
TopUp 8GB R96 16GB
TopUp Saver 10GB R99 20GB
TopUp Saver 20GB R149 40GB
TopUp Saver 50GB R269 100GB
TopUp Saver 100GB R525 200GB
TopUp Saver 200GB R699 400GB
TopUp Saver 300GB R999 600GB
TopUp Saver 500GB R1,999 1TB

Telkom has announced a price reduction for its high-speed uncapped DSL services.

The price cuts coincide with the announcement of Telkom’s new summer special that will give capped ADSL subscribers double their data for the duration of the promotion.

While the 2Mbps, 4Mbps, and 10Mbps stand-alone home uncapped account prices stay the same, Telkom will cut the price of its uncapped VDSL services from 1 October 2015.

Its 20Mbps account will now cost R999 per month, the 40Mbps uncapped service was cut to R1,439 per month, and 100Mbps FTTH was also cut to R2,149.

Telkom Internet Home Uncapped Stand-alone
Product Description Current Price New Price
2Mbps Home Uncapped R229 R229
4Mbps Home Uncapped R286 R286
10Mbps Home Uncapped R574 R574
20Mbps Home Uncapped R1,099 R999
40Mbps Home Uncapped R1,799 R1,439
100Mbps Home Uncapped (FTTH) R2,687 R2,149

These articles originally appeared on MyBroadband, here and here, and are republished with permission.

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Telkom cuts prices of selected capped and uncapped bundles: doubles capped data

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