Best ADSL data prices in South Africa

Best prices for ADSL in South Africa

Telkom recently cut the price of its large ADSL data bundles, and will give all Telkom Internet customers double their capped data allocation from 1 October.

The capped ADSL double data promotion is set to run from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016.

“The demand for data is infinite and our efforts are geared to offering our customers as much value as we possibly can to satisfy this demand,” said Telkom’s Attila Vitai.

For example, the price of Telkom’s 500GB product will drop from R2,495 to R1,599 – and with the double data promotion, customers will receive 1TB of data.

The table below shows how Telkom’s double data promotion and price cuts compare against its competitors’ capped ADSL packages.

ADSL prices in South Africa
ISP ADSL data product Price p/m
Axxess 20GB R46
Afrihost 20GB R49
Telkom 20GB R99
Cybersmart 20GB R134
MWEB 20GB R145
Axxess 40GB R89
Afrihost 40GB R89
Telkom 40GB R149
Webafrica 40GB R149
Axxess 100GB R189
Afrihost 100GB R199
Telkom 100GB R269
Vox Telecom 100GB R328
OpenWeb 100GB R329
Cybersmart 100GB R399
MWEB 100GB R399
Axxess 200GB R379
Afrihost 200GB R399
Telkom 200GB R525
OpenWeb 200GB R589
Webafrica 200GB R599
Vox Telecom 200GB R639
Telkom 400GB R699
Afrihost 400GB R799
Webafrica 400GB R1,199
Vox Telecom 400GB R1,215
Telkom 600GB R999
Afrihost 600GB R1,199
Telkom 1TB R1,599
Afrihost 1TB R1,999
Vox Telecom 1TB R2,550
Note: The products above are data-only packages, and do not include analogue line rental or ADSL access costs.

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Best ADSL data prices in South Africa

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