Best local ADSL and VDSL data prices at the moment

Best local ADSL data prices at the moment

Webafrica recently unveiled new pricing for its capped ADSL packages, giving subscribers more data for their money and a minimum of 1,000GB of free after-hours data.

Webafrica’s existing capped customers will receive up to double their previous allocation of anytime data, at no extra cost.

All subscribers will also be upgraded to at least 1,000GB of Download Plus data – which can be used between 00:00 and 06:00 – free of charge.

ADSL top-up prices also change from R19 per GB to R9 per GB for home users, and from R29 per GB to R15 per GB for business customers.

Following the new Webafrica pricing announcement, we have rounded up the best capped ADSL deals available in SA.

ISP Capped ADSL Data Price p/m
Axxess 20GB R46
Afrihost 20GB R49
Webafrica 20GB R79
Telkom 20GB R99
Cybersmart 20GB R134
MWEB 20GB R145
Axxess 100GB R189
Webafrica 100GB R199
Afrihost 100GB R199
MWEB 100GB R199
Vox Telecom 100GB R249
Telkom 100GB R269
Crystal Web 100GB R279
OpenWeb 100GB R329
Cybersmart 100GB R399
Axxess 200GB R379
Webafrica 200GB R399
Afrihost 200GB R399
MWEB 200GB R399
Vox Telecom 200GB R489
Telkom 200GB R525
OpenWeb 200GB R589
Axxess 300GB R565
Webafrica 300GB R599
MWEB 300GB R599
Afrihost 300GB R599
Vox Telecom 300GB R689
OpenWeb 300GB R889
Webafrica 500GB R899
Afrihost 500GB R999
Vox Telecom 500GB R1,099
Telkom 1,000GB R1,599
Webafrica 1,000GB R1,799
Vox Telecom 1,000GB R1,899
Afrihost 1,000GB R1,999
Rollover and after-hours data not taken into account.

This article originally appeared on MyBroadband and is republished with permission.

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Best local ADSL and VDSL data prices at the moment

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