When you should switch from ADSL to fibre in South Africa

Fibre seems to be the go-to talking point in South African internet circles at the moment.

As South Africans rush to bring fibre to their suburbs and ADSL appears to be phased out, we took a step back to check if it was all really worth it.

We spoke to Cybersmart’s Laurie Fialkov about the actual benefits of jumping from ADSL to FTTH lines and if everyday South Africans should migrate:

“If your ADSL is not working properly because your copper is old, you require speeds higher than ADSL, or the FTTH price is cheaper then there is a good reason to move, otherwise no.

If you are forced to drive both a Ferrari and a Toyota at 10km/h the Ferrari  is not going faster, it just has the capability of going faster.

Similarly with fibre, if you have 10Mbs Fibre and 10Mbs ADSL, there is no difference other than that Fibre has the capability of going faster.

So in my mind, unless your Toyota is broken there is no point in buying the Ferrari if you are limited to 10km/h.

Similarly, there is no real point in getting fibre unless you are getting a speed significantly higher than ADSL speed.

For this reason our Lightspeed service is at 400Mbps , because is no point in having a Fibre service working at ADSL speeds.”

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When you should switch from ADSL to fibre in South Africa

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