Heavy Rain dev calls LA Noire tech “an interesting dead end”

Heavy Rain creator David Cage has dismissed LA Noire dev Team Bondi’s Motion Scan tech as nothing more than an “interesting dead end”, saying his own company’s technology is better.

The motion capture tech is used to provide extremely – even somewhat uncannily – realistic facial animation, a leading feature in the game.

“I think [Motion Scan is] an interesting solution to a problem for now. But it’s also an interesting dead end,” Cage told CVG. “That’s exactly what I feel. Their technique is incredibly expensive and they will never be able to shoot body and face at the same time.”

Of course, Quantic Dream can already do that.

“We are doing that now [at Quantic], and our next games will be shot with performance capture,” he explained. “We see a huge difference between shooting the face and body separately and shooting everything at the same time. Suddenly you’ve got a real sense of acting that is consistent. You can’t imagine how related what you say with your face is to what your body does.

“[MotionScan] will never be able to do that.”

Or, basically, “Everything they can do, we can do better”. Etc.


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Heavy Rain dev calls LA Noire tech “an interesting dead end”