Gabe Newell’s 3 favourite games

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell has become one of the most respected figures in the games industry. Not only did he found Valve and self-fund the development of Half-Life using the fortune he earned working for Microsoft, but he was also instrumental in the creation of Steam, which has since become the world’s largest digital distribution platform for games, as well as the largest PC game reseller on earth.

In a new weekly feature probing industry luminaries for their top three games, CVG has managed to get the skinny on Newell’s own personal favourites.

Gabe Newell’s top three favourite games

1.    “Star Trek on the Burroughs mainframe when I was in highschool”

“This was the first video game I ever played, although it’s hard to call it a video game when I was playing it on punch cards. My brother and I would type out a move on a punch card machine, grab our deck, put it into the punch card reader, and then wait for our line printer output. Each move took about ten minutes. I was hooked.”

2.    Doom (1993)

“Doom was the game that made me rethink everything I thought about games – control systems, design, rendering. It convinced me that games were the future of entertainment.”

3.    Mario 64 (1996)

“Still my favourite game of all time. I still have vivid memories of all the different levels. The control is still pretty much unrivalled. It convinced me that games were art.”

So those are Gabe Newell’s three favourite games, what are yours? << Let us know in the forums


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Gabe Newell’s 3 favourite games