Gaming websites may no longer be getting games for early review

Bethesda caused controversy in early 2016 with the news that it would not be giving early copies of DOOM or Dishonored 2 for early review.

The reasoning behind this provided by Bethesda is that they want “everyone, including those in the media, to experience our games at the same time”.

Now it seems that Bethesda has started a worrying trend, as Ubisoft has announced that no early copies of Steep will be distributed to reviewers.

They confirmed in a recent press statement:

To ensure a complete experience, Steep reviews will commence when servers are populated with actual players. With that in mind, reviewers will receive their copies of Steep on December 2 when it’s released, enabling them to experience Steep’s essential multiplayer functionality with a larger pool of online players.”

Traditionally, this has been a sign that there may be some serious issues with the game but this was clearly not the case with DOOM (although Dishonored 2 was mired with technical issues).

Similarly, Ubisoft did not release early copies of The Division.

Naturally some sites have not taken to this news kindly.

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Gaming websites may no longer be getting games for early review

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