The 10 best developers of the year

Industry website Gamasutra has officially unveiled its 10 best developers of the year.

These are not necessarily the developers that put out the best games of the year, but rather developers and studios that left their mark on this year in a meaningful way, “shaping the year in the art and business of making games”.

You can check out the winners below (in alphabetical order).


Games: Overwatch, World of Warcraft: Legion

Concerned Ape

Games: Stardew Valley

D-Pad Studio

Games: Owlboy


Games: The Last Guardian

Hello Games

Games: No Man’s Sky

id Software

Games: DOOM

IO Interactive

Games: Hitman 2016

Niantic Labs

Games: Pokemon GO

Owlchemy Labs

Games: Job Simulator

Witching Hour Studios

Games: Masquerada

Who was your developer of the year? Let us know in the comments below and in our forums.

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  • BeoTeK

    Nice list, but what about Naughty Dog?

  • Hraffnir

    Easily would put Playdead up there for Inside.
    That game was phenomenal and flawless. Soundtrack deserves a solid mention too, the music was sublime.
    My game of the year. <3

  • Yeah No Man’s Sky and Pokemon Go… Guess hype makes you a great developer in spite of short lived success and failed promises

  • What he said.

  • Oom_Soutie

    Did you read the prelude to the list?

  • Johann Botha

    Job Simulator…. is that for people without jobs?

  • I did now :/

  • AVJ

    Worst developer of 2016? Infinity Fart.

The 10 best developers of the year

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