The most popular operating systems in the world

First major Windows 10 update pulled due to unclarified issues

The latest figures from NetMarketShare show that Windows 7 is still the most popular desktop operating system globally.

The August 2017 statistics also reveal that iOS and Android 6.0 remain the most widely-used mobile operating systems, although an increasing number of devices are moving to Android 7.0.

Mobile OS numbers show that Android has a strong lead over iOS overall, with Windows Phone coming in third – sporting a total mobile market share of 0.81%.

NetMarketShare does not provide iOS version information, but figures from Apple’s Developer website show that 89% of iOS users were on iOS 10 and 9% were on iOS 9 as of 6 September.

The most popular operating systems on desktop and mobile platforms for August 2017 are detailed below.

Desktop Operating Systems

Windows 10 logo

Desktop OS Share
Windows 7 48.43%
Windows 10 27.99%
Windows XP 6.07%
Windows 8.1 6.07%
Mac OS X 10.12 3.59%
Linux 3.37%
Windows 8 1.35%
Mac OS X 10.11 1.09%
Mac OS X 10.10 0.72%
Windows Vista 0.46%

Mobile Operating Systems

Android Nougat

Mobile OS Share – Total
Android 64.76%
iOS 32.93%
Windows Phone 0.81%
Symbian 0.64%
Java ME 0.59%
Mobile OS Share – Version
iPhone 23.88%
Android 6.0 22.19%
Android 5.1 11.59%
Android 7.0 10.50%
iPad 9.00%
Android 4.4 8.60%
Android 5.0 4.33%
Android 1.98%
Android 4.2 1.66%
Android 7.1 1.33%
Android 4.1 0.99%

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  • will_rkr

    Hold up, IPad Os? Never heard of it. I see now that leaving under a rock was a bad idea.

  • iOS is the OS on the iPhone and iPad, been like that for yonks.

The most popular operating systems in the world

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