Chinese couple sells kids to fund gaming habit

According to a report on the Sanxiang City News (via ABC), a Chinese couple has sold not one, not two, but all three of their kids to fund their online gaming habits.

Li Lin and Li Juan met back in 2007 – in an internet cafe, of course – where they soon discovered a mutual love of online gaming and casual sociopathy. A year later, their first son was born, and just days later, left alone in the house while mommy and daddy went off to play games.

In 2009, their second child – a daughter this time – was born, and at this point, the parents decided to sell the Screaming Meat Monster for real cash to trade for fake cash. So they did, for $500.

Realising they were onto something big, they then sold their firstborn for $4600. A third child was later sold for the same. I won’t make a tasteless joke about his name being Ca-Ching.

Around this time, granny noticed what was going on and alerted the authorities. Apparently both Li Lin and Li Juan had no idea that what they’d done was illegal.

“We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money,” they told investigators.

… Like. Wow.

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  • DenSweeP

    Speechless. I, what, no, WHAT?

  • Stormchaser

    LOL HAHAHAHAHA jirre AF verby!

  • Slipperyduck

    What, no contact details for how to sell your own kids, what second-rate service is this?????

  • bluh

    Why would you buy a kid in china anyway?

  • Squee

    Chinese kids are hardworking?

  • Fruitcake

    Its it real children or those fake children ?


  • WraithFiend

    I'll take 2 kids and a 60 day wow card kthx

  • LOL

    cheap labour ftw.

  • China :)

    Wouldn't buy anything "made in China" 😀

  • LOL

    Well Tarryn, you know what's going to happen now? The parents will go to jail where they will farm WoW gold all day. 😀

  • Dom

    Why would people buy children when there are so many orphans? To whom did they sell there kids is what I would like to know

Chinese couple sells kids to fund gaming habit