These Minecraft socks are totally awesome

Mojang and Swedish novelty sock manufacturers Happy Socks have teamed up to bring the world a range of Minecraft-themed – yes, you guessed it! – socks. Omg, it’s just what I never knew I’d always wanted.

The socks come in a set of three – including pink and green for the game’s pigs and creepers, and a third that features terrain, clouds, and sky – and are 100% guaranteed to keep your feet snugly warm while you get busy with the really important stuff, like putting blocks on top of other blocks, and then accidentally burning them all down.

For extra added cool, the set comes packaged in a box made to look like a Minecraft block. Actually, it’s probably worth buying just for the box.

The set is priced at SEK 275, or about R315, and it looks like they’ll ship to South Africa. Go on, you’ll be the envy of the whole server.


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These Minecraft socks are totally awesome