The Verge mocks gamers

Or are gamers just too darn sensitive?

TV channel Vuzu’s gaming show, The Verge, recently uploaded their coverage of South African gaming expo – rAge 2011 – to their YouTube channel.

If the comments and feedback to the video are anything to go by – the local gaming community is not happy.

The video depicts host, Lalla, as she wanders through what the show has dubbed “Mordor”: over 2,000 gamers that have set up their PCs at rAge’s LAN, and are enjoying what they love – gaming.

“This is where kids come; they bring their PCs their hard-drives and alles. They camp out for the whole weekend, and they play…games,” Lalla says, with a tone of veiled scorn.

She ends off her astute observation with “Jah neh, no comment…no comment.”

The video proceeds to elaborate on its loaded Lord of the Rings analogy by likening the gamers to Orcs and Uruk-hai, before settling on one gamer whom the host dubs as “The Dark Lord of Mordor.”

Lalla asks gamers loaded questions like “Do you have a girlfriend?”, blindly pushes their keyboard button asking “what happens if I press this button?” and acts flirtatiously and suggestively around the predominantly male gamers.

She also implicitly questions a couple of gamers’ sexual orientation and general personal hygiene, amongst other things.

Comments on the YouTube channel where the video was posted are generally negative, with users calling it “offensive” and “insulting.”

MyGaming’s own community of gamers were quick to slam the video and The Verge for its clumsy, stereotypical depiction of gamers, with users saying: “I don’t get how you can insult the same audience your show is marketed at.”

Other members were also quick to dismiss the video, saying The Verge missed the point – but also that the video should rather be ignored: “Who cares, don’t take offence, rather just point and laugh, that’s what we all generally do,” posted one forum member.

Even though the backlash has thus far been from a small selection of the gaming community, none of the attention the video has received has been at all positive.

Whatever The Verge’s intent with the video – it would seem they’ve missed the mark.

Check out the video below and make up your own mind.

Download the video here.

The Verge insults gamers? << Comments and views


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  • Anon

    I was thinking exactly the same thing last night when i watched the re-run. Eventually i just stopped watching because Lalla was just trying to get this false image across that us gamers are weird, gay or have no girl friend, have bad personal hygiene etc. Wasn't impressed with the verge (not that I ever am) but this was really stupid and inconsiderate considering their market is only us.

  • l3mming

    -have her washed and brought to my room…im kidding 😛 dont wash her –

  • Napalm

    I know this is wrong, but I desperately want to punch her in the face.

  • Bob

    Nerd-Rage Ahhh!!

    Boycot Vuzu!

    Screw the Verge! Wanks!

  • Matosha

    Yup. Probably Fired for that. Go back to makeup and club taboo.., perhaps even Miss December 😉

  • Ghost

    I really wonder what they were hoping to achieve with this – looks like they are completely alienating their target audience…

  • GirlyGeek

    I stopped watching the show when the host insulted my husband for building his own EPIC controller! We both enjoy gaming and share this hobby, but we'll never watch the verge again. The hosts are clearly not gamers themselves, as they struggle with the simplest of names, moves or general comments. Then – to compensate they provide 'witty quips' (read: INSULTS TO ALL GAMERS) which no-one finds pleasing or even remotely amusing.

    Luckily we gamers are resourceful and can find gaming news from reputable sources.

  • rainynight65

    This looks like a bunch of outtakes edited together. Was she actually there to report on the expo, or did she just want to take the piss? This doesn't even miss the mark – it seems it didn't have one in the first place.

  • Terak

    Wow… that's just sad. It's no wonder nobody watches the show anymore…

  • rsk

    What a joke.

    The Verge has really lost the plot. I wonder how many 'true' gamers are even involved in its production/direction.

  • meh

    Who let her out of the kitchen?

  • DonkeyKongMadness

    Who gives a s**t about verge. Never really liked the show, mainly cause they give me info i have already heard or seen. Most gamers get their news of sites like mygaming, gamespot or ign and their respective youtube channels.

  • Ging3r_Ninj4

    I rate we as the gaming community of South Africa should raise our voice for once and throw a little Facebook petition at them for representing us in such an ill manner!!!

    Maybe this will put them on the right track…

    We as the gaming community of South Africa demand a public apology for the way in which you depicted gaming and the followers there off.

    Or we could…

    Thank MSSA for their awesome efforts to grow the gaming community by not being the first organisation pointing out The Verge's wrong doing!!

    Remember… We are a brotherhood for we gamers!

    Ging3r_Ninj4 out!!!

  • Airhead

    Who gave her a job?

  • Voicy

    What a car guard.

    Pathetic how she prejudges the guys by thinking they don't have SO's and when it turns out that they are in fact in relationships or married she's bowled out and tries to make some bitchy come back.

    Dear Lalla, you are not as pretty as you think you are.

  • @airhead

    Its more like who did she give a "job" to

  • Anon

    I would have punched her in the stomach. Woman or no, she deserves a good klap.

  • meh

    She would have gotten a lot more if she released a sex tape but even that would fail.

    As to The Verge… the show always seems dated and Pippa just kills it.

  • Viking

    Shoooo what a horrible piece of poo, I just stopped halfway what a disgusting video clip…??

  • Quinton Bronkhorst

    Keep it civil guys; let's avoid degenerating into stereotypes worse than what's being presented.

  • Mermaid

    Nerd rage to the extreme, it was bad (as in no entertainment value) but not offensive. If you did take offence then lol. Obviously some remarks struck home a little to much…

  • Reaver

    God…what a bitch…

  • RaFi

    What is wrong with the people of today?
    Not one "Hi mom, I am on TV".
    Don't you guys love your moms anymore?

  • Anonymous

    rAge isn't that good (for me) anyways… too much of the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER

  • Vuzu

    Verge aka napster aka mweb. What did we expect?

  • @Napalm

    Only thing you're wrong about is thinking that you're wrong in wanting to punch her. She should be punched repeatedly.

  • bigbeh

    that stupid squinty eyed ho needs to be told her place!!

  • Sausage


    She needs a good tea-bagging.

    Verge is annoying enough as it is, won't be watching that crap again.

  • Sikarios

    One of those guys should have kept their pimp hand strong…

  • Igloonaut

    This is simply bad journalism. Mocking an industry that generates more revenue than the movie industry, let alone its most ardent supporters, yes nerds. Some of these nerds will go on to be captains of industry, and you never know, perhaps even the next Gates, Jobs (RIP) or Zuckerburg. So in this video there is nothing to get upset about really just a piece of eye candy with a very limited understanding of the industry and ultimately one that pays her salary. the Verge has the ability of being a great gamers show, but with journalism like this it's not going to attract more viewers. Yes I game online and I used to play M:TG (anyone want to buy my old cards.) personally I embrace my nerdhood, it pays for my Benz, it's how I make my living and let's me see the world (and not just on Google Maps).

  • Quinton Bronkhorst

    Guys, if your comments are nothing but personal insults and "I want to smack this girl up" then they're getting removed.

    Yes, we get it, she's a bad presenter. No need to wish death and violence upon her.

    Let's keep it civil and on point.

  • shereza

    WOW!!! where to begin?!??!

    she is such a flirt! THINKING the guys would ever look at her, in that short gatkruipertjie broekie! saying that the ppl are "nerds".. shame poor baby, she probally was a "no-body" at school and thinks she's the cat's wiskers now…. BAH! LOL! WHAHAHAHA!!!

    sitting on the guys lap asking childishly "if I press this button, what will it do?" MY FOUR YEAR OLD doesn't even ask me that question!!!! If I were there, I would've klaped her so hard, she would have deffinetly laid knockedout next to the guy sleeping under the desk!!! I use to be a HUGE gamer, before my kids… and loved every bit of rAge!!!

    as for VERGE…. think you've lost if not ALL but MOST of your viewers!! pitty how ONE silly little girl can mess it up for your show! what were you THINKING sending out an amature?!?!

  • roboturdy

    Talk about digging your own grave.
    We can all agree that if Pippa were the presenter it would have been way better. Go back to FHM and hang with the jocks in Lala-land. Nobody digs you failcakes.

  • Jitz

    My maid is a TV presenter?

  • it's true

    have to say I fit the profile. weird, no gf, bad hygiene. ah well.

  • 4ss4ssN

    I see they've removed the video…

  • meh

    Sure I'll keep it civil seeing as my post got deleted.

    Point 1;
    While sex sells "Lalla" did parade around like she had just finished making her sex tape.

    Point 2;
    The booth babes who had to face crowds and "smelly" gamers did so and with dignity, unlike "Lalla".

    Point 3;
    "Lalla" seems to get a self gratification kick from trying to put down gamers.

    Point 4;
    "Lalla" should have been replaced with someone who at least understood the gamer and no Pippa does not count.

    Point 5;
    Asking gamers questions that early in the morning is just cruel.

  • JustMe

    screw her!

    Uhm, no.. I will rather do it myself she came across like a pro from a porn commune. Could rather be fun.

  • Alex

    God, what an annoying bitch. She is the only stereotype I see.


    Lalla is so pweddy
    But gameres cant see beyond their iron sights.
    SOOOO sensitive, go browse reddit for some fap fap fap action hentai.
    Your husband, can he please you in bed GirlyGeek, or does he cast a spell on your uhhum

  • bo0m

    I complained about this on their facebook page and they just deleted my comment. I'm not going to watch the verge anymore. They can go die in a fire for all I care.

  • Blackbird

    I think your all being to over sensitive, I find it fun and entertaining.

  • sadface

    I find it incredibly hilarious how you lot are "insulted" but this show. It's how the rest of the world sees you masses of fat, unwashed geeks who spend an ENTIRE weekend in a huge hall next to other fat, unwashed geeks trading porn and completing quests in virtual environments you escape to in your minds.

    Yes, this is the reality of the situation. The fact that you can't see how you appear to the rest of society just further perpetuates the generalization.

    Ever see a true Star Trek nerd? Did you laugh at how terribly out of touch he was from reality? Other people don't see any difference between you and that trekkie.

    Think about it.

  • Cleric

    What's wrong with her face?

  • Blackbird

    Well said sadface, I mean look at the guys killing each other with cards, I was like WTF get a life, and she was just giving her view of everything.

  • MrSausage

    So you reckon the reality is that all gamers are smelly, sun-dodging fatties? Further to that, do you think that LANs like this happen every weekend? That's like taking an isolated convention/gathering in ANY genre or hobby and making sweeping generalizations about the attendees, and also drawing patently ridiculous and insulting conclusions about their lifestyle, personal hygeine and more.

    Of course it's crap, and it is NOT the reality. Unfortunately programs like this simply perpetuate the stereotype, so in the eyes of the non-gaming public it's business as usual, lets all laugh ad poke sticks at the pasty, unwashed nerds, and laugh to ourselves about how superior we are…..bullshit.

    If this was an attempt to be humorous, it failed spectacularly if the comments here are anything to go on.

    If the presenter had been a gamer or spoken with any authority then people would immediately have identified it as satire/comedy etc. Look up Triumph the insult comedy dog from Conan O'Brian if you want an example of this sort of thing done right.

    Unfortunately "lalla" comes across as annoying, not even patronizing because that would demand she display some level of superiority.

    If this thing were funny I'd be the first person laughing his ass off and linking it to my friends. Instead it's rather pathetic and ill-considered.

  • sadface

    But it is funny, and I am linking it to my friends and we are laughing our asses off.

    Again, perception.

  • @sadface

    While you may have somewhat of a point, I don’t think that is the context of this particular situation. The Verge is a show about games; as someone already said, what’s the point then of mocking your target market?

    It would then be completely hypocritical and quite frankly a fair bit dumb on their part. From what I gather here The Verge done the typical thing of having an attractive girl do a floor report at an expo they wanted to get publicity for, but didn't think to tell her what exactly to do. I doubt very much that the producers of The Verge actively sent her out to mock gamers, it was probably more a case of Lalla herself having that "worldly" stereotypical opinion of gamers you mention, and she went ahead with that in mind.

  • sadface

    But she wasn't mocking people – that's just how you sensitive emo-types perceived it.

    This is how a non-geek sees you. She doesn't know enough about 'computery things' to produce actual hard-hitting journalistic content, so she uses words associated with geeks like 'lord of the rings' and 'mordor'.

    Really, stop taking it so personally. Verge ****** up by getting someone who doesn't know anything about the subject matter to do a report on it, but I don't think she was actively trying to insult people.

    I mean there was a guy sleeping on the goddamn floor.

  • Cranky

    isnt the dark lord Voldermort from harry potter..

    The fact of the matter is that you dont get a machanic to bake a cake YOu dont get a teacher to build a bridge and you definitely don't get a silly little girl to tal kto gamers .

    The stereo typing is redonk. "Oh dem geeks they cant not like mah pretty face " I personally would take her over my own GF.

    Would have loved to hear a good reply to one of her Questions

    Lalla:" What does this button do"
    gamer:" IT knocks your teeth out"
    Gamer:" Press it .. I dare you "

    ps: All this comments is giving someone who doesn't deserve it allot of publicity

  • Ancontronous

    Ever been to a Lan? People sleep on the floor all over the place. Where else should the sleep?

    Also, saying 'ja neh, no comment…no comment' in a condescending tone is pretty much mockery. There is such a thing as mock insulting someone, but if your entire clip consists of mocking people, it's crossed the line.

  • @sadface once more

    Again, perception.

  • Ancontronous

    And the perception that the majority of gamers, the people the show is aimed at, has is that it's mocking a downright disrespectful of anybody who games as a hobby. Just because one person's perception on the matter is different doesn't make the entire issue okay.

  • c'mon

    C'mon people stop being so sensitive. This is obviously meant as a joke. It's harmless fun. I think they were hoping gamers have a sense of humour but clearly not.

  • Rob

    Condescending little b1tch. Shes not even hot, more like she'll give it up for any guy with some money and a nice car. Wouldnt touch that with a 20 foot pole, dont wanna get an STD.

  • kaiersai_

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • mynameislalailikeattention

    Sum1 shut this [email protected] up!

  • @c'mon

    Yes, because the most intelligent humour consists of continuously insulting your target audience without actually saying anything meaningful about the Lan she's supposed to cover.

  • UbaSaint

    yeah, gotta love stereotyping. all the guys i know that jam games are married and over 25. and there are like 8 of us. so rediculous. not that i ever watch the verge but i mean i dont really see the point of this. will be very suprized if the verge has a stand at rage next year.

  • KomboKitten

    Really dumb of them to diss their target audience like that.

    Logan Young – "As if us nerds didn't get enough of being teased and made fun of in school…"

    Way to go on your failure The Verge. We want something else to watch! gtfo 🙂


    Not that i acually care, they come of like a bunch of M0r0ns…what happened to gameface ginx files those were much better, they were more like cybernet…the good old days

  • RedRover

    As of 2011, the average age for a video game player is 37


    Stereotypes be damned!

  • niv~k

    I actually had respect for her, but when she's trashing, patronising and stereotyping guys jus havin fun, i have to do the same for her!(skank)

    When she asked whether he got a gf and he reckon his married, lolz her face went BLACK and BLUE lolz.

  • meh

    You know what will happen next year when some dimwit-who-thinks-she-is-gods-gift-to-males walks around and tries to interview the gamers in the LAN section?

    Oh its gonna be ugly.

  • PsycoC

    Im a gamer and I went to Sexpo instead of rAge this year. 4000 people in two big halls watching porn, buying sex toys, watching other naked people and generally having a good time.

    Why is being a gamer considered a bad thing again ?

  • Lols

    She should apologize to gamers on TV, then she should get fired. Don't be a presenter for a gaming show if you clearly don't know wtf you are talking abt.

  • spartz

    sure all of the okes and chicks that feel insulted can sue verge for defamation- that is what it seems this lala chick was trying to do- insult people.

  • @meh

    Totally agree.

    More than anything, this is going to make it incredibly difficult for true-blooded game journalists wanting to cover the event in-depth. Future presenters are going to have a tough time, even if they are knowledgeable in the culture.

    I don't know why they chose the angle they did. It smacks of a producer who doesn't know their audience and doesn't have the vaguest clue about what makes the community interesting and unique.

  • James Etherington-Smith

    While I agree that this segment wasn't good at all, I think the level of abuse that has been directed toward Lalla isn't warranted.

    She was the face of the production, but there was a whole team involved in creating it, and The Verge as a whole should be shouldering the responsibility.

    Sure, people may feel strongly about the stereotypical and insulting way in which gamers were portrayed in the segment; but it really isn't doing the gaming community much justice to react with puerile insults and threats of physical harm.

    Is that the preferred image for gamers?

  • PaPa

    @James Etherington-Smith its just some gamers are just more emo than others. Tonight they will probably take their frustrations out on some zombies ect. Not all of the gamers feel this way.

    I personally don't care what the Verge team thinks about gamers. i don't give a flying ****.

  • meh

    @James, for Lalla and the Verge peoples who were responsible for the clip that has everyone mostly upset;
    If you prick us, do we not bleed?
    if you lol us, do we not laugh?
    if you hack us, do we not get owned?
    if you mock us, do we not take offence?
    and if you wrong us, shall we not troll?

  • Louis

    My problem with this is, who actually WATCHES the verge?
    It's always been a terrible show

  • ???

    this looks more like some fashion show or something whanting to show how "lame" and "geeky" gamers are. Gaming is a hobby like all others, im 27, i sit in front of my pc and and play games on weekends and some weekdays, or ill whatch movies, I have a wife and a daugher. what wuold be normal to others then, should i si on the couch watch sports, and drink beer all weekend long?

  • Boromir

    One… does not simply walk into Mordor.

  • Gamer etc

    ^Lol wp

    Do you think we actually care?

  • LOL

    @ bormir, when you as dumb as that bitch she'll walk into anything.

  • Gideon

    Let me get this straight: you present a gaming show and then you mock gamers? Way to go to shoot yourself in the foot…

  • pacmanza

    omg, how condescending can one be ??

    she really needs to step out of her own little social bubble to be able to grasp our community..

    this ignorant excuse for a presenter needs to be replaced. nuff said.

  • jay

    Didn't even know The Verge existed..

    +1 for marketing
    -1 for being condescending to the target market

    Anyways, I figure this girl is a bit like Malema. Just voicing the thoughts of the hot chick masses.

    Many girls think gamers are lame.. till they marry one.

  • Coolsocks

    That chick deserves a rough fucking , what the hell did they ever do to any1? really , its just fucken pointless this vid…

  • Tarryn van der Byl

    @ Coolsocks

    Threatening women with rape makes you look like a sociopath. Way to go vindicating yourself there, guy.

  • Ancon

    If that's the average viewer's idea of humor, it explains why the show is so shite.

  • PewPew

    She really just was so annoying, and watching the video just makes my blood boil..

    I mean sure, those of us who don't live close to the dome didn't shower during the weekend and sure, we love playing games but in the end…

    We can still own the bitch in call of duty.

  • Mallekoppie


  • Poogseh

    I watched this on youtube the other night trying to spot my friends and I in the lan, but yoh! What a sorry ignorant cow this chick is!! I'm sorry but Verge, you FAIL!! You just proved yourselves to be superficial greedy wannabes. FAIL. I had the most AWESOME weekend being a complete noob camping with everyone at rAge 2011. Im a Girly Girl and i fully DIS-approve of the Verge and this video clip. PS "Dark Lord of Mordor"- you're awesome.

  • Daporra

    zomg it was frikin funny u guys jus need to go get some fresh air or mayb TALK TO REAL PEOPLE so u knw how humans interact ><><><

  • trollzilla

    Who watches verge anymore lame reviews and the only thing ever praised is Mario kart, ftw, verge needs to review the staff in the editorial department, Lala was there for a LOL factor on RAGE so don't get your panties in a knot if some guys cant even speak to girls/woman -_-.

  • Munch

    You've been a naughty girl, go to my room

  • Jeeva

    Okay, I posted this on the verve article before they removed it and i'm gonna post it again here:


  • jay

    Also check out "The Verge" group now. Its 00:18 and whoever deleted the negative comments must have gone to sleep.. it shows with all the love being shared on the wall.

  • CurvedInsight

    I have to agree with her judgement on how most gamers are kids, (nerdy) and cause of that do not have girlfriends !! also having bad hygiene which is true as gamers play, sweat and then only bath days later, RAGE HAVE SHOWERS YOU STINKY NERDS?

  • Galen

    That's the problem when you send someone who knows f*k all about gaming to a gaming expo. It’s probably not entirely what’s-her-face’s fault though – the writers probably scripted the show that way and made her do the Mordor comparisons. At the end of the day it’s a poor reflection of the show and they will likely lose popularity – as is evident by several of these comments

  • fakes

    She might be hot, but she is damn rude

  • Arcky1

    What a cow….

  • Half-Pint

    wow, what a bitch. (distillation of all above comments)

  • Eyenstyn

    The video is unlisted, the user that uploaded it needs to send links to other people for them to view it.

  • Rusty79

    Lalla, what you did…. not cool. Btw, I've never been to rAge but if you're at the next one be sure to give me a heads-up so I can bring a large enough sleeping blanket.

  • Cheese!!1

    NOW!! For me as a serious gamer who never went to rage! is sadly offened by this! Mainly because…. ITS A GAMING SHOW!!! why 'o why must they bring some broad who doesn't understand it, thinks that we all geeks and nerds! I am going with BoB and boycotting this bs! it would be understandable if it was like a jock show where they tell u how too pop u colour! cuz then we could also laugh at them! but its not…
    soo.. in conclusion Verge.. u made a massive massive mistake by offending ur audience at their playground 😀 peace out…

  • Troll_sesh#101

    Why would they even publish this? It makes gaming look bad thus making them look just as bad.

    What a way to promote and grow the industry that you rely on verg, don't expect this to give your show any extra ratings. (Your show is **** anyways.)


  • Len

    Overreaction is what springs to my mind…!
    My opinion is that it was 111funny and not at all condescending.
    It was her take on what all non gamers see.
    If you play pretty much non-stop for three days without showering don't you think that most people would find it strange or at least a little odd?
    Surely as an outsider you would naturally assume that its mostly single guys that would do such a thing and if you are married or involved ask the question "Does your wife/gf know you are here?"
    The Verge is not targeting hardcore gamers, they are targeting mass market… The average Joe who buys a couple of games, plays for a while and then spends time doing other things.
    This doesn't mean that I am saying what hardcore gamers are doing is wrong, its just odd for most people to fathom the thought that people would spend most of their time in front of a game and still be happily married or involved in a serious relationship unless you are both into it together.
    Makes perfect sense to me….

  • Shaddowdragon

    Thank god I know not what a Verge vegetable is? And they know as much as I know about them.

  • Quinton Bronkhorst

    @ Len

    So your argument is that this is what everyone else sees gamers as, so it's okay to blatantly play off of and perpetuate that perception for entertainment value, rather than actually find out why these kinds of "hardcore" gamers do what they do?

    Sorry, I understand your point, I just don't think it's a very good one.

    If The Verge is supposedly the midway point between mass-market ignorance, and Gamer-interest, then they failed monumentally in their position to bridge the gap.

    It's like a 2-faced friend who's a gamer when the "geeks" are around, and then makes fun of those same gamers when the "jocks" come visit.

    In any event, it would seem they don't care and are willing to shrug it off, so obviously their demographics are elsewhere.

  • Franco

    She just trolling you, all gamers should understand this.

  • @Franco

    Actually, no. Have you seen her Twitter stream? She really is that stupid.!/lalla_hirayama

  • Jinkira

    lol.. I find that it was funny not too mention she is HOT

    And btw the Verge does not know much about gaming nor do they uplift the gaming culture that is on the uprise in SA

  • Anonymous

    You people are a bunch of tools. She is JOKING around and you are acting as if she's the Devil himself.

  • LOLatLEN

    @ Len

    Sorry but your words don't carry any weight in the SA gaming community. With your reputation for messing around gamers. 2nd Generation GLSA corruption.

    Giving gaming a bad name @ sponsors.

    Not paying gamers prize money. Maybe you should go hide away oversea again.

    *cough* ESWC

  • tbfg

    I find it extremely funny that this kind of thing bothers people. Honestly. And with her hair do and look she must be careful, she might end up being picked up by the SPCA

  • @fakes

    "She might be hot, but she is damn rude"

    All she will take from this if she reads the forum will be. OMG they think im hot. SCORE!

  • @@Franco!/lalla_hirayama

    You know, that her Fb and twitter will probably have to be changed. US internet folk have power in these parts.
    4chan 😀

  • Aww ye

    Lalla Hirayama
    *Looks, laughs, shrugs, and MOVES ON*

  • Eek Giggles

    I for one think that she is just another a hole she was on a hip hop show once and she still got that wrong too, so what do we expect from someone that knows all the ins and outs of make and not a single thing about the fun that is gaming. I don't care that she said that we are fat, unhygienic and girlfriend less.

    The only thing I got from that whole clip was that the Verge is still not seeing us gamers as real people, but more like freaks that you poke with sticks at the zoo.

    I bet that she would never say that about Gates or Jobs(RIP) by the way it's thanks to all the geeks that you have things like Mac and iphone so know your place. If you come someones domain you don't mock or insult them cause you might never see that domain again and you will be finished.


    What show????
    The Verge???
    Can't seem to remember that!

The Verge mocks gamers