Kinect moving into the business world

When your “killer app” is a dancing game, your high-tech add-on to your super-popular console might be a bit misdirected.

But that doesn’t really matter, because even though Microsoft are yet to bag a “must-have” Kinect game that appeals to the ‘hardcore’ market they owe much of their success to – the Kinect is finding use outside of gaming culture.

Since its launch about a year ago, the Kinect has been hacked and taken apart and put back together again by tech enthusiasts – with the impressive sensor technology being used in a number of creative ways such as, say, a flying machine that detects obstructions?

No, really.

Or perhaps more functionally, like the case where French company, Tedesys, used the Kinect’s controller-free capabilities to help surgeons bring up information on screen without bringing germy tools into the room.

Kinect is saving lives, people.

Now, banking on this external appeal, Gamasutra are reporting that Microsoft are going to be working closely with over 200 companies in 25 countries on launching a business platform and environment around Kinect technology.

Basically, this means companies are going to be using the Kinect and its technology to launch a bunch of business-centric apps – which will be used to engage with people in new ways.

Of course this means new ways to make money – a prospect which probably has David Dennis, Microsoft’s Product Manager, licking his lips.

“Kinect certainly has the potential to make advertising more rich and personalized than it is now,” he said.

“You have to do it in a balanced way for consumers, though. You don’t want people to think Kinect is watching them. You don’t want to make it creepy.”

I already think the Kinect is creepy, Dennis, it watches me while I sleep.

It’s great that the Kinect technology is finding so much success – but you’ve got to love the irony in the fact it’s not in gaming.

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Kinect moving into the business world