Modern Warfare 3 gets bombed by Joe Public

As you can probably tell from the review-roundup we posted today – game reviewers are loving Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; trouble is, game critics make up a tiny portion of gamers.

The real voice of gamers, comes from you guys – the dedicated, buying public; and according to your peers – and possibly some of you here – Modern Warfare 3 is simply not cutting it.

The user review scores for MW3 over at Metacritic have been neg-bombed by users – bringing the average scores down to below 3.0 on all platforms.

While it would appear that the PC version bore the brunt of the sweep, having the lowest score of 1.4 out of 10 – that’s based on 38 reviews – it’s actually the Xbox 360 version of the game that was hit with 395 negative user reviews – hammering the score down to 2.6.

Compare that to the 90 critic score, and you’ll see how contrasting the views are.

Why are gamers angry?

“Oh sure the game works: You have guns, you point the gun at bad guys, you pull the trigger and the bad guys fall over.” Writes one user, “But this game only reassures that the first person shooter genre is as stale and uninspired as ever. MW3 looks and feels the same as MW2 (2009), which itself looks and feels like MW (2007).”

“All style and no substance with a rabid fan base of children and young teenagers. The Michael Bay movie equivalent of video games.”


It all looks very orchestrated – the sort of thing that 4Chan could easily organise – so who knows how accurate this reflection is; usually the only numbers that speak the truth are the ones that come from sales.

And with Activision reportedly tripling sales figures for the last quarter – I don’t think they’re all that worried.

Source: Metacritic, PC, Xbox 360; MCV UK

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Modern Warfare 3 gets bombed by Joe Public