Get loads of free cash with these Skyrim, um… “tips”

Skyrim screenshot - Draugr Swarm

Can’t afford that faaaaabulous living room extreme makeover for your house in Whiterun? The adventure business just isn’t turning much of a profit?

As it happens, there’s this skeleton out near the Sightless Pit on the way over to Azura’s Shrine who has a seemingly infinite supply of copies of The Doors of Oblivion, a novel worth 50 gold.

Just think of it as book farming, and you’ll feel a lot less guilty about it.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial by YouTuber Motherofgod4 showing exactly how to become a pro… book farmer. It’s the next big thing, I tell you.

Or, in bullet form:

•    Fast Travel to Winterhold.
•    Go south / southeast along the path, and up the mountain towards the Sightless Pit.
•    Go up and around the Sightless Pit towards the stone pillar.
•    There’s a skeleton lying in front of the altar.
•    Grab the boots and shield on the floor in front of the altar.
•    Destroy the skeletons.
•    Loot the skeleton in front of the altar for the Doors of Oblivion.
•    Sell the books at any general goods shop and do it all over again.

And when you’re bored of doing that, try putting a bucket over an NPC’s head.

If they don’t see you stealing, you’re not going to get caught.

… I loled.

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Get loads of free cash with these Skyrim, um… “tips”

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