Starbreeze working on unannounced PSN title


Swedish dev, Starbreeze – probably best known for the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness, but currently working on the Syndicate reboot – has admitted in an interview with CVG that it’s working on a super-secret project for the PlayStation Network.

Asked if a PSN game was something the company would do, studio boss Mikael Nermark says that, “We are actually doing it. Right now. That’s why I couldn’t walk you round floor six. We have a self-financed thing going on up there…”

He adds that more developers will probably move into the downloadable space in the future, but that for AAA studios, “We have to understand how to utilise the new medium, so to speak, and understand that we have to build a game for the PSN instead of trying to do a big game.

“I think that’s the hardest part for us – to adjust when we’re doing the small stuff. Because as a studio, we think big.”

Syndicate is scheduled to launch in February for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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Starbreeze working on unannounced PSN title

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