New Line Cinema to develop Rampage movie


Warner Bros. is putting their $33 million acquisition of Mortal Kombat creator Midway to good use, as apparently their sister studio New Line Cinema has a movie adaptation of arcade classic Rampage in development.

Rampage was a wildly entertaining game in which you played a giant monster such as a King Kong-esque ape and destroyed large metropolitans, eating various citizens and military in the process.

John Rickard, with the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination and Horrible Bosses as production credits, has been chosen to produce and develop the project and will be meeting with writers to hammer out the story.

The story of the game centered around three regular people who mutated into a Godzilla-style monster, a giant Gorilla and an enormous Werewolf, requiring the player to destroy a city before moving up to a higher level, with increasingly challenging military opposition. The movie aims to cash in on the popularity of the title and the visual appeal of the game.

The studio believes that using current technology they can create an efficiently-budgeted monster flick in the same vein as Ghostbusters and Independence Day.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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New Line Cinema to develop Rampage movie

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