Rumour control: Pokémon Grey to be announced in December

Kyurem Pokemon

What do you get when you mix black and white together?

An obvious Michael Jackson joke.

But also, the colour grey – of course.

At least that’s what the internet rumour mill is pegging the next Pokémon title as being (it makes sense, right) – and a picture posted to twitter with a clipping from Japan’s Jump magazine, alludes to an imminent announcement.

Go go gadget-Google Translate!

“No.50 Year 2011 Weekly Shonen Jump Buy. December 17, 2011 (Saturday) and December 18 (Sunday) will be held at Makuhari Messe “Jump Festa 2012” in the article introducing the first appearance Pokemon! Information surprise there!? And there.”

Okay, that could have gone a lot better, I admit – but three things jump out at us (jump, geddit?) and give us some definite information.

Firstly, Pokémon. The Black and White legendaries are clearly pictured, and the broken text translation says it pretty clearly. And it’s all grey. Coincidence?

Secondly, “Information surprise there!?” – while sounding more like an exclaimed query, it shows that some big announcement is coming at Jump Festa.

Finally, December 17 and 18 seems to be the date for this information to come to light.

There’s nothing that makes me think it wouldn’t be a 3rd current-gen Pokémon title, seeing as it’s a trend Nintendo have followed with each generation of Pokémon.

So  it’s more a case of “when” than “if” – and if this picture is to believed, that “when” is going to be December. Watch this space!

Source: Twitter
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Rumour control: Pokémon Grey to be announced in December

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