Call of Duty Elite has 1 million paying subscribers

Call of Duty Elite

After a bit of a turbulent takeoff, the Call of Duty Elite service is finally up and about, and according to Activision, it’s taken one million paying subscribers onboard already.

In the last week or so, more than eight million gamers have signed up with the service, more than 80 000 clans have been created, and more than 100 000 user-generated videos have been uploaded.

Apparently the service also sees around three million logins daily.

“The audience response to Call of Duty Elite’s premium service has been beyond our expectations, and we want to thank Call of Duty players around the world for their unprecedented enthusiasm,” said Activision’s Bobby Kotick in between mouthfuls of molten gold.

“The number of gamers who have registered for Call of Duty Elite further illustrates how this service is poised to redefine social gaming and set a new bar for interactive entertainment.”

So that’s nice.

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Call of Duty Elite has 1 million paying subscribers

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