Skyrim has more of Tamriel beyond its borders

When it comes to huge playable maps in games like Skyrim or Fallout, gamers will always undoubtedly try and “push the boundaries” – so to speak – in exploring as far out as they possibly can.

Developers, of course, have their limits, and usually quickly introduce us to impassable mountains or, more shoddily, the dreaded “invisible wall of obvious restriction” – but that’s never stopped gamers before.

Indeed, one gamer in particular happened across some interesting scenery in his boundary-pushing explorations, coming across a small path on the south-eastern section of the map that looked particularly inviting.

In fact, the path lead right up to an open archway – which was layered with the aforementioned invisible wall, preventing him from exploring further.

Skyrim Morrowind Archway

Enabling the no-clip console command (ie. HAX) he pushed on further, and lo and behold – he found Morrowind, Red Mountain and all.

Skyrim Morrowind Island Skyrim Morrowind Map

The further he pushed out, the worse the textures got and the less like Skyrim it looked, but the land mass was definitely there. Further exploration further south also revealed Cyrodiil, and what appears to be the White Gold Tower in the Imperial City.

Skyrim Cyrodiil Skyrim Cyrodiil Oblivion

While both land masses aren’t exact replicas, there’s no mistaking that they’re the actual areas (and 200 years have passed, so it’s not a far stretch to think that the land could have changed in that time) – but the real question is: why are they there?

Skyrim’s world map opts for a more ‘real’ representation of the game world – but the overview map doesn’t allow you to look as far south as Cyrodiil anyway, so it can’t be that, could it?

Another theory pegs the reasoning as possible DLC for Skyrim that will see you return to those provinces.

The internet also says it could maybe be there for the modding community to use, or simply Bethesda trolling those who would seek to use the console commands to break their creative intentions.

Whatever the case, MyGaming’s stance is “time will tell” – meanwhile, we’ll sit back, collectively stroke our beards and go “iiiiiiinteresting”. [James: I’m the only one with a beard around here, and none of you can collectively stroke it!]

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Skyrim has more of Tamriel beyond its borders

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