PS Vita: It’s going to cost you

PS Vita launch date – check.

PS Vita launch titles – check.

PS Vita launch price – uh…mostly check?

With Sony’s next big portable release fast approaching (omg, guys, it’s almost December already!) – almost all the bases have been covered.

But you don’t just want a PS Vita, do you? Nope, you want all the accessories and all the expansions, too.

Shown in these line-up videos (which are all in Japanese), Sony’s Atsushi Watanabe demonstrates some of the accessories you’ll be able to get for your Vita, including a nifty carry pouch which unhooks, flips around and looks to be designed to be out of the way for on-the-go gaming.

It can also be manoeuvred  around to stand up on its own.

Part 1

Part 2

There’s obviously no indication of local pricing, but over in the US, GameStop has already started listing how much these accessories are going to cost – with the pouch and headset being USD19.99 (R165) each, protective screen at USD14.99 (R125) and extra battery pack sitting at a daunting USD49.99 (R415).

If you really want to gawk, though, Sony’s proprietary memory cards are also listed – and for the highest capacity (32GB), Americans will have to fork over about USD120 – which converts to about R999 in direct conversion.


These are the memory prices according to GameStop.

  • 4GB – USD29.99
  • 8GB – USD44.99
  • 16GB – USD69.99
  • 32GB – USD119.99

Uuuuh, so…prospective PS Vita owners…good luck?

Source: CVG, GameStop

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PS Vita: It’s going to cost you

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