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The launch of Web Africa’s Home Uncapped ADSL accounts came with an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), raising the question of how a gaming-centric user will be affected.

Web Africa explained that the AUP is “designed to protect those who play by the rules”. The home uncapped product uses a 6 hour and 7 days rolling windows to ensure “your account keeps running smoothly”.

“If you reach your rolling windows within 6 hours or 7 days, respectively, your maximum download speed will be de-prioritised until your usage falls below your limit again,” Web Africa explained. “How much your speed is reduced will depend on how many other users have been de-prioritised, as well as whether we have available capacity on the network.”

The good news is that if there is available capacity, rolling window limits do not apply and subscribers’ speeds will not be affected at all.

We caught up with Web Africa Games Master, Robert Tait, to find out what sort of service gamers will experience when using Web Africa Home Uncapped.

Tait confirmed that gaming traffic will be prioritised by default, and gamers can expect the uncapped accounts to live up to the same specifications as the standard capped accounts.

Web Africa recently revealed that their uncapped AUP will not include data obtained through the Web Africa FreeZone, and Tait added that this is the case even if a user has surpassed their rolling threshold .

FreeZone offers subscribers unmetered bandwidth usage from a range of servers, including Web Africa’s gaming servers, Linux downloads, gaming downloads and Steam servers.

“We ran a brief speed test to confirm that your gaming needs won’t be limited. We noticed that performance appeared on par with the capped accounts. Speed tests were conducted on a 4Mb/s uncapped account from Cape Town,” said Tait.

“Here are the average results taken from the same account, after and before the usage threshold.”

Ping Download Speed Upload Speed
No usage 13ms 3.85Mbps 0.52Mbps
Threshold reached 13ms 3.77Mbps 0.53Mbps

In response to questions posed by MyGaming, Tait said: “Initially the Web Africa uncapped accounts had a few negative comments from users, sceptical of the AUP set out by WebAfrica. This is changing; Web Africa’s transparent AUP allows subscribers to view the full terms of conditions which prevents an unwanted surprise popping up at a later stage.”

“The AUP is there to serve as a guideline and there to prevent abuse by people wanting to over-utilise their accounts.”

“Heavy data users will find that their gaming experience remains unaltered even past the threshold. Gamers will be pleased to know that their gaming hours will not cease to roll on even past the threshold,” concluded Tait.

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Gaming on Web Africa Home Uncapped: details

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