Sony defends use of proprietary memory cards

While the Sony Vita’s launch prices are considered to be pleasantly competitive by many, the device is shaping up to be a little bit more expensive than some may have hoped for.

First was the announcement of an optional battery pack, which has now been revealed to cost a hefty $50, or R415. While some may not require the extra battery life, the memory card has been revealed to be almost mandatory.

It was revealed earlier this week that some titles won’t even boot up without a memory card, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss. In addition, all games downloaded through the Playstation Network won’t be able to store save files without one. These memory cards are reported to range from $30(R252) for the smallest 4GB card, to $120(R1010) for the largest 32GB.

Sony has since come under criticism for insisting on using their own proprietary brand cards, instead of a standard format such as SD. Going SD would make the cards a lot cheaper for consumers, but Sony has now defended this choice, saying they wanted to “make sure they could have something with an equal condition for everyone.”

Sony also insist that the cards form an integral part of the system, and will not just be used for save files but also as storage for data such as patches, game data and download content.

Finally, Sony says vaguely that “security concerns” influenced their decision to use their own cards.

Product Division Chief Hiromi Wakai has promised PC users that a utility enabling your PC to recognize the Vita as a mass storage device will be ready before launch.

Vita Flash support has not yet been confirmed, as Sony is still in negotiations with Adobe.

Source: Eurogamer

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Sony defends use of proprietary memory cards

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