Serious Sam 3’s DRM is… an invincible pink manscorpion

Nevermind always-online DRM, product key DRM, even codewheel DRM – the hot new thing in digital rights management is an invincible pink anthropomorphic scorpion that relentlessly pursues the player from the very opening moments of a pirated copy of Serious Sam 3.

It’s like your conscience dressed up as a giant arachnid thing, which does seem quite appropriate.

Of course, Pinky the Anti-Piracy Scorpion (as I’ve decided to call him) will doubtless be patched out of the game shortly enough, which does seem a bit of a shame because I’d probably consider pirating the game just for one dance with him.

In the meantime, I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun to watch pirates hardcore underground gamers complain on internet forums about Serious Sam 3’s invincible pink anthropomorphic scorpion, and what a huge waste of $60 that game was because it’s totally broken and how did this get through play-testing anyway.

Source: DSOGaming

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Serious Sam 3’s DRM is… an invincible pink manscorpion

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