Bastion now available for Google’s Chrome browser

If you’ve been holding out on buying Supergiant Games‘ rather brilliant action-RPG, Bastion, for some special day – maybe that’s today.

The game has now been released as a browser-based title for Google Chrome, using the browser’s hot new “Native Client” tech – meaning you can even play it at work when nobody else is looking!

Assuming you’re running Chrome and your PC meets the minimum requirements, all you have to do is mosey on over to the Chrome Web Store and launch the app. The only hard bit is saving the world.

You can try out a demo of the game for free, or upgrade to the full version for $14.99.

Why would you do that?

“Bastion is simply like nothing else in its generation,” I wrote in my review of the game. “It’s glorious old school nostalgia wrapped up in high definition ribbons, and sealed with a kiss.”

That’s why.

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Bastion now available for Google’s Chrome browser

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