Keith Vaz calls for parliamentary debate to discuss video games

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British MP Keith Vaz, gaming’s own Grinch, is at it again. The successor to a long line of figures who have aggressively and actively campaigned against video games, Keith has now requested the MPs hold a parliamentary debate to discuss the “harmful effects” of video games.

There’s no time to wait either, kids all over the world right now are writing violent video games on their Christmas wishlists, and Vaz has asked the leader of the House of Commons to make room next week for this very reason.

“At a time when parents are thinking of purchasing video games for Christmas, does the right hon. Gentleman not think that it is important to hold a debate on this matter?”, Vaz said.

This is not about censorship – it is about protecting our children,” he added.

The reason for this latest debate is “new research” published last week by the University of Indiana. The study shockingly reports that playing games “resulted in physical changes in the brain”.

The study was partially funded by long-time anti-gaming group The Center for Successful Parenting, but it was of course completely objective. Of course.

House of Commons Leader George Young gave a formal response, but did not seem to share the same sense of urgency. “I am grateful to the right hon. Gentleman, and I know that this is an issue that he has pursued with vigour for some time. I cannot promise a debate next week.”

“Home Office questions, I think, will be held on 12 December, but in the meantime I will draw his concern to the attention of the Home Secretary,” Young concluded.

Source: Eurogamer

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Keith Vaz calls for parliamentary debate to discuss video games

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