Zynga assures investors they can double paying customers


Zynga seems to be feeling confident going into an IPO valuation of a tidy 7 billion dollars, or they’re perhaps just trying to instill confidence in potential investors.

Either way, CEO Mark Pincus has said that the company can double the amount of paying customers the have, currently sitting at 7.7 million. This is a tiny percentage of their actual monthly active users, which sits at a staggering 227 million.

Pincus makes these claims on the back of growing numbers such as 13 million average daily users, a rise from 11.1 million in October. Zynga’s lesser-known game, Words With Friends, has made an impressive leap to 10 million users, from 2 million only a year ago. The game also recently made the news after Alec Baldwin was kicked off his plane because he couldn’t stop playing it.

Zynga will be spending the weekend meeting with investors over the course of multiple lunches, where I like to imagine they all compare business cards and argue which diet cooldrink has the lightest carbonation.

Source: Industrygamers

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Zynga assures investors they can double paying customers

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