Khoisan gamer competes at World Cyber Games

Cwi Nqani isn’t a traditional gamer. In fact, one could argue that he isn’t a gamer at all.

But that didn’t stop him from competing at the World Cyber Games (WCG) in South Korea this year, after a chance meeting with Gameloft’s Asphalt 6 at a Namibian shopping mall netted him a round trip to the event, courtesy of Samsung.

Nqani had never come into contact with gaming before the fateful day in Windhoek, where he sells traditional necklaces and artefacts of the San people.

He wandered into the big white tent where the WCG preliminary rounds were taking place, and had a go with Asphalt 6. Thing is – he was the only one to have a go with Asphalt 6, and thus automatically qualified as the best Asphalt 6 player in Namibia, which was all he needed to get into the WCG.

Samsung sent him a Galaxy S2 so he could practice (as well as a solar charger, seeing as he’d have to walk 16km to the nearest power point to charge it if it went flat), and when he landed in South Korea, he was taken on tours and activities he’d never experienced in his life.

Nqani didn’t win any of the matches in the Asphalt 6 competition – but who cares? Check how happy he looks.

When asked what he thought about video games, he said “Everybody should have a chance to play.”

Source: CNN, Kotaku
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Khoisan gamer competes at World Cyber Games

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