Indie DB wants you to vote for your top ten indie games of 2011

The second – and now officially annual – Indie of the Year awards are hippity, hoppity, and happening right now.

The first round of nominations and voting is complete, with a list of 100 indie games that voters decided were totally awesome in 2011, and the organisers are now trying to get that down to a top ten and a number one.

To cast your vote, click on over to Indie DB’s Top 100 page, where the finalists are sorted by genre for your picking-favourites convenience.

Some of the big names include Minecraft, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Dwarf Fortress, Frozen Synapse, and Trine 2.

There are five days left to vote, and a live scoreboard updated every few seconds to show who likes what and how much. In the time it’s taken to write this paragraph, Minecraft, Xeronauts, and Gemini Wars have been playing swapsies for the top spot, with Terraria and Q.U.B.E. jumping in and out of the top five behind them.

I like to imagine them all fighting in a pit filled with peanut butter and giant spiders.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a game about happiness and kittens

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Indie DB wants you to vote for your top ten indie games of 2011

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