Google lists most searched games of 2011

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Google, overlord of the internet and everything else, has made public every term searched with their engine along with the searcher’s identity and a handy address book for quick referencing. Just kidding, but if your heart just skipped a beat, turn on safesearch and stop being creepy.

What Google has actually done is release the most searched for terms of 2011, and relevant to our interests, the top ten searched gaming terms for the year. While a lot of the list may not surprise you, such as Activision mainstays Black Ops and Call of Duty, what will surprise most are blockbusters like Skyrim and Battlefield 3 coming in 6th and 7th respectively, behind the likes of Halo: Reach and Super Mario. Perhaps most puzzling, Modern Warfare didn’t make the list at all.

Mortal Kombat also makes an out-of-nowhere appearance at number 5, but it could just be creepy people like you looking for wallpapers of Sonya Blade in short shorts (you know who you are).

The number one online game search is “wow”, but this result could be fudged by the less computer-literate (read: elderly) using Google to look for entertainment.

Check out the full list:

Top Ten Game Searches for 2011

1. Black Ops

2. Call of Duty

3. Halo Reach

4. Super Mario

5. Mortal Kombat

6. Skyrim

7. Battlefield 3

8. Dragon Age 2

9. Diablo 3

10. Mass Effect 3

Top 10 Online Game Searches for 2011

1. Wow

2. Addicting games

3. Free online games

4. Miniclip

5. Webkinz

6. Tower defense

7. Kids games

8. Armor games

9. Tetris

10. Juegos

Source: Industrygamers

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Google lists most searched games of 2011

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