Developers list most anticipated games of 2012

Bioshock Infinite

2011 is quickly becoming a distant memory, and with its passing we inevitably turn towards the future. There are a plethora of super exciting games heading our way in 2012, and Eurogamer recently caught up with a variety of esteemed developers to find out which ones they are most excited about.

Creative director at SuperGiant games (Bastion) Greg Kasavin is most excited about Bioshock Infinite, and we can’t say we blame him. “My most anticipated game of 2012 shouldn’t come as any surprise: it’s BioShock Infinite, the successor to one of the best, most memorable games I’ve played in years.

“BioShock is an important game to me and is indirectly responsible for why I finally gathered up the guts to get into game development about five years ago. I was just blown away by everything about it when I first saw it at E3 2006, and the finished game lived up to all my expectations. I have similarly high hopes for Infinite and can’t wait to explore all the intricacies of that world.”

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Kasavin is certainly not alone, and EA’s Matthew Prior is also looking forward to the game. “BioShock Infinite looks great. I loved the previous games and the atmosphere they created, particularly the first one. Clearly the next one is going to have a very different feel due to the airborne setting so it will be interesting to see what they do with the new story and environment.”

Speaking of Bioshock Infinite, co-founder of Irrational Games Ken Levine also weighed in on his most anticipated game of 2012. “I’m a Diablo whore,” said Levine. “I’m going sink my teeth into that sucker. It’s just that loot cycle. I am the monkey pressing on the buttons to get the grape. I am proud to be that monkey and I will be that monkey forever. I’ve been in that particular skinnerbox for many many years and I’m happy to remain there.”

Diablo III

Diablo III

Ultima creator and industry luminary Richard Garriott is also most excited about Diablo III, saying “”Blizzard rarely falters plus Diablo is also a franchise I always love and learn from!”

David Jaffe chose Darksiders 2 as his most anticipated game of 2012, saying “The first Darksiders was one of my favourite games the year that released. I just love that game. Darksiders 2 is the only game I’ve ever done the geek media blackout for. I won’t look at screenshots and I won’t click on links.”

The ever vocal Peter Molyneux is looking forward to Grand Theft Auto 5, saying “I guess it would be GTA5, although the curious thing about what’s coming up next year is that I’m not sure if I’m not more excited about the promise of some non-triple-A games. With so many new ways to play on so many devices it’s going to be a really interesting year.”

Source: Eurogamer

Grand Theft Auto V


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Developers list most anticipated games of 2012

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