Soul Calibur V has some classy marketing

Remember when Soul Calibur was all about the fast sword-play, combos and smashing action? A whole bunch of diverse characters, battling it out with a plethora of weapons in a variety of arenas. I mean, that’s really fun, right?

Pffff, who cares about that when Namco-Bandai are set to market the game with ads like this one shown by Andriasang:


Surely those must cause some discomfort.

Hey! Pay attention, my eyes are up here.

Now, it’s pretty obvious why this ad will garner all sorts of attention, which is exactly what the marketing company wants – but what does it say about your game if its strongest draw is an exposed pair of over-sized funbags?

The breasts in question belong to series figurehead, Ivy, whose chest has disturbingly increased in size with each new version of the game and- look, can we just stop it now? Boobs are great, but can we please just get back to what the game is about – it’s becoming Bayonetta-level embarassing to play these games in the company of parents or minors.

Sould Calibur V, and Ivy’s chesticles, will be bouncing into action 3 February 2012 – don’t expect to be seeing any sort of similar marketing here in SA.

Source: Andriasang

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Soul Calibur V has some classy marketing

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