BioWare says expect SWTOR patches “almost every week”

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Star Wars: The Old Republic fans can rejoice, for BioWare is taking a very pro-active approach to the MMO, making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. This includes fixing up that life-saving dance exploit (coming soon!)

Speaking on the official forums, James Ohlen said that players can expect game fixes on a regular basis, coming at ya “almost every week.”

“These weekly patches are almost entirely focused on bug fixes, minor balance changes and fixing any exploits in the game. These issues are the highest priority items at the studio,” wrote Ohlen.

Smaller issues will get fixed immediately, and bigger bugs will take longer (obviously) due to the review and test process they have to go through.

The 1.0.2 patch was released yesterday, and if the patch notes are anything to go by – there was quite a bit to fix up; but hey, it’s to be expected when it comes to games as big and as complex as this.

You can see the full 1.0.2 patch notes here.

Source: Official SWTOR blog

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BioWare says expect SWTOR patches “almost every week”

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