Rumour control: PS4 early specs show more power than Xbox 720

Oh yeah, it’s on. An upcoming issue of PSM3 Magazine, due out January 11, quotes sources claiming that the early indications of the PS4’s technical specifications are more powerful than that of the Xbox 720.

What it lacks in power however it will make up for with a head start, the same source claims that Microsoft’s offering will beat Sony to the shelves, “if only by a few months”.  As far as actual dates go, PSM3’s sister publication, Xbox World, is running a similar special, with sources claiming the Xbox will be shipping in late 2013, with a PowerPC-based processor courtesy of IBM and Kinect “2.0” packaged with it.

While all of this is simply rumour at this point, these are respectable publications which would presumably make use of semi-reliable sources. The new Kinect being bundled with the new console is also something which we have heard before a couple of months ago, which also claimed that the Kinect 2.0 will be capable of lip-reading.

That’s all the information we have for now, but each of the aforementioned magazines will be running a full special packed with more information, so we should have more to discuss in the coming week. At least the console fanboys can take the gloves off and start fighting early.

Source: CVG
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Rumour control: PS4 early specs show more power than Xbox 720

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