SWOTR player banned because BioWare doesn’t know its memes

Over at BioWare HQ, everything is serious business, which might explain why their forum mods don’t know about non-serious things like internet memes and permanently banned a user for posting one. That’s not just a forum ban, mind you, but also a ban from playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Let’s read the ban notice together.

You have received an infraction at STAR WARS: The Old Republic.

Reason: Terms of Service violation (Underage User)

Your account was permanently suspended for violating the Star Wars: The Old Republic community Terms of Service, specifically being under 13 years of age.

Due to your statement on our forums that you are under 13 years of age, we have permanently suspended your account for violating our Terms of Service.

And what was the offending post?

I’m 12 and what is this.

Seriously. Somebody was actually banned for posting a two-year old meme. Of course, that might be grounds for a permanent ban in itself, but that’s obviously not what happened here. Oh, BioWare, I bet Chuck Norris is going to bust your ass.

Source: Destructoid

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SWOTR player banned because BioWare doesn’t know its memes

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