CD Projekt Red anti-piracy approach based on trust

There’s no DRM attached to The Witcher 2, but the CD Projekt Red team reckons that’s just an incentive to buy it, rather than pirate it.

“We [have gone] DRM-free on PC. We believe people will buy the game anyway,” level artist Marek Ziemak told GameFront.

“We provide a lot of great content in the box, also in the digital version. You know, piracy is going to be there, always, in all the platforms – because it’s also possible to play pirated versions on the Xbox [360]. But it’s not our main concern. There are a lot of players who buy the game, who enjoy it really, and who try and be fair.”

The game is scheduled to launch on Xbox in April, and will ship out with all DLC released since the PC launch last May, as well as some additional goodies.

“We try and deliver all the extra content for everyone who bought the game. That’s also another reason to have an original copy–to have all the patches, and all the DLC that are free if you bought the game. We try to be fair; we try to work on our products. And we actually trust people. We believe that the great majority will just buy the game,” added Ziemak.

Last year, CD Projekt estimated that the game had already been downloaded 4.5 million times. At the same time, the game had sold around 1 million copies. They’re either exceedingly optimistic, or worse at maths than even me.

Source: GameFront

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CD Projekt Red anti-piracy approach based on trust

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