Kinect heading to laptops

We all know that Microsoft‘s Kinect is a fancy piece of technology – and sure, outside of Dance Central it’s yet to make any real impact in terms of gaming – but it remains a very impressive gadget nonetheless.

Microsoft is so taken with the Kinect, and it’s wealth of potential, that it has developed a Windows compatible version – opening the sensor up to a whole new world of possibility.

And now, it would seem, the plot thickens.

According to The Daily, Microsoft had confirmed to them that prototype Asus netbooks, running Windows 8, had integrated Kinect sensors in them.

The Daily, who got to see the prototypes at CES this year, described the laptops as having “an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be. At the bottom of the display is a set of what appear to be LEDs.”

Gaming seems to be one of the obvious applications for this – but then not many people game on their laptops; so this is bound to draw in a lot of innovation in other aspects of motion-sensor control.

With this new direction, coupled with the Windows sensor and the murmurings of Kinect 2.0 for Microsoft’s Nextbox – the company is clearly backing their tech, and want to see it grow.

What applications do you think a portable Kinect sensor would best be used for? What other tech do you think could benefit from having a Kinect sensor built into it?

Share your views over on the forums, or in the comments below!

Source: The Daily

* Not the real prototype

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Kinect heading to laptops

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