New Square Enix game teased by Nomura

This year is a pretty big one for Square Enix‘s JRPG brands – it’s Final Fantasy’s 25th birthday, and Kingdom Hearts is a decade old as well.

And in a titillating tease, Squeenix game director and character designer, Tetsuya Nomura says there’s a super secret title in the works.

A translated interview from Famitsu has Nomura saying the company has “a secret team working on an unannounced title” – and that there’s a “chance that some information about that will be announced this year, too.”

Intriguing – I’m not even going to say what every Squeenix fanboy hopes it is.

In Final Fantasy news that isn’t Final Fantasy VII-remake baiting, Nomura also comments on Final Fantasy versus XIII’s characters, who sound like a really joyful bunch:

“The personalities of the Versus characters and their situations are so serious, to the point that I can’t stand it so I need a break from the constant serious conversations.”

Delightful. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is arriving this friday, and is hopefully going to start Square Enix’s 2012 off on a high note.

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New Square Enix game teased by Nomura

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