Bethesda lists “Skyrim mini projects”

Bethesda Game Studios director and Skyrim mastermind, Todd Howard, has revealed a list of mini projects that Bethesda employees began working on the week following the game’s release.

The mini projects were showcased during a keynote presentation at DICE yesterday, and although they are currently all little more than concepts, they could eventually turn in  patches, mods or even DLC. Of course, they could also never see the light of day.

These are the mini projects which Howard confirmed were under development at some point.

•    Seasonal foliage

•    Flow-based water shader

•    Spears

•    Kills-cams for magic and ranged combat

•    Stealth enhancements including water arrows

•    Paralyse runes

•    Hanging structures

•    Water currents in dungeons

•    Dark dungeons, new follower commands

•    Favourites for followers

•    Adoption

•    Build your own home

•    Spell combos

•    Goblins

•    Waygate fast travel

•    Epic new mounts (flaming horse)

•    Mounted combat

•    Dragon mounts

•    Kinect shouts

•    Screen space ambient occlusion

•    Enhanced underwater visuals

•    Snow footprints

•    Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects

•    Ice and fire arrows

•    Werebear

•    Lycanthropy perk tree

•    Vampire feeding

•    Become a flying vampire lord

•    Vampire imp minions

•    Mudcrab animation tweaks

•    Giant mudcrab

Even getting half of these would be awesome.

“[These are] all experiments that we did in a week. How much of this stuff sees the light of day, to be determined,” Howard said. “Could it be in a future DLC? We don’t know. Could various parts of it just be released for free? We don’t know.”

The Kinect shouts are very similar to the microphone shouts that have been toyed with by the PC modding community.

There are definitely some ideas with massive potential being played with that would be wonderful to see implemented.

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Bethesda lists “Skyrim mini projects”

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