New SMB game for touch devices in the works

super meat boy

Since Team Meat’s smash-hit indie Super Meat Boy made its way onto our screens, we’ve been gleefully hurling ourselves into saw-blades and smashing our peripherals in frustration.

Now the studio has announced they’re making a new Super Meat Boy game – this one for touch screen devices.

The news comes via several Twitter posts from the horse’s mouth. The game will be built from the ground up and designed specifically for touch devices such as iPhones.

If this idea sounds terrible, don’t worry, Team Meat assures fans “we won’t make a game with sh**ty touch controls”.

The game won’t play like the original Super Meat Boy, which would be a nightmare on a touch device, but the developer isn’t planning on scaling back the hallmark difficulty too much, saying it “wont be a simple game like “doodle jump” it will be a larger more traditional game”.

Fans of the original are going to want this, Team Meat says “If you liked SMB im sure you will enjoy this (if its good enough to continue on 🙂 ) we just had a few cool ideas and wanted a challenge.”

Source: CVG
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New SMB game for touch devices in the works

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