Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Xbox release hope still alive

If you were about to give up on ever seeing Just Add Water’s Oddworld remix, Stranger’s Wrath HD, launched on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, don’t.

Not just yet, anyway – the studio is still shopping the game out to potential publishers.

“We’ve basically run everything dry in terms of going some kind of first-party route with Microsoft, be it them publishing it or be it us publishing it ourselves, so we’re now having to go down the third-party route,” JAW boss Stewart Gilray told VG247.

“We’re speaking to two or three different publishers at the moment about taking it on for us. I think we’ll probably have some news on that by Easter, I hope.”

Stranger’s Wrath HD was released on the PlayStation Network and Steam last December.

The game was originally yanked from an XBLA release because it exceeds the service’s maximum file size of 2GBs by just one hundred megs or so. Although Microsoft has previously expanded the maximum file size, the 2 GB limit is apparently a system-level hard cap. Runic’s Torchlight II skipped its XBLA release for the same reason.

Presumably Just Add Water is now looking to get the game launched on the Xbox LIVE Games on Demand channel instead, which does not impose file size restrictions.

Source: VG247
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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Xbox release hope still alive

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