God of War 4 available for pre-order at BT Games

You’ve got to hand it to BT Games, they sure know how to sell video games.

As SA’s most successful dedicated games retail franchise, they must be doing something right. I mean, you know you’re awesome when you can sell stuff that doesn’t even exist, amirite?

This time BT Games has gone ahead and made God of War 4 available for pre-order!

Which is great, except God of War 4 has not been announced.

But it gets better.

Two of the world’s largest gaming news publications have picked up on the story, which is just hilarious. While Joystiq ran with this relatively reserved headline: “Retailer taking pre-orders for God of War 4”, Game Informer went a few steps further with: “South African Retails Outs Existence of God of War 4.”

In fairness, we’re pretty sure that God of War 4 is actually in development right now. Composer Timothy Williams recently confirmed that he is working on the game’s soundtrack, and also, it just makes sense.

Also, BT Games has previously made unannounced games available for pre-order, such as The Jak and Daxter Collections, and they were the first to reveal that Mass Effect 3 would have multiplayer. In both cases, the information leaked by BT Games turned out to be legit.

BT Games apparently operates on information provided by their distributors, in this case, Ster Kinekor. Either way, someone’s in a lot of trouble.

According to BT Games, God of War IV will be released in February 2013. We have contacted both BT Games as well as Ster Kinekor for comment, so watch this space.

Consider yourself lucky, South African gamer, you are part of an elite gaming population that can now pre-order God of War 4. 

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God of War 4 available for pre-order at BT Games

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